As behavioural therapists, we treat adults across the whole spectrum of psychological and emotional problems and psychological illnesses.
We do this based on scientifically validated procedures and according to the latest standards of research in psychotherapy.
Together with you we would like to develop a tangible and realistic solution that you can promptly implement within a short timespan into your daily life.


Do you wish you could handle stress differently? Would you like to know how to optimise your own potential? Perhaps improve your self-confidence? Our coaching methods support you in the development and implemenation of your goals, be they personal or professional. We do this by ensuring that our solutions are tailored to your individual needs.


Do you recognise the feeling of being in a relationship that you are enduring rather than living?  As behavioural therapists we specialise in identifying unhelpful patterns of behaviour in your relationship and in developing alternative positive behaviours.  We attach great importance to an unbiased and solution-oriented course of action.

Your Wellbeing is our Goal

It is important to us to be able to offer you a treatment plan that has been designed specifically for your needs. That is why it is a real concern to us to obtain an in-depth understanding of your current situation and experience. Through the development of a gradual, constructive and trustful counselling relationship, we can find a way together out of the crises. The hallmarks of our methods are openness and accountability as well as empathy. Our combination of tools and techniques enables you to take control of your life with a sense of confidence and responsibility that awakens your vitality and zest for life.


An initial consultation offers you the opportunity to describe what you are going through and how you feel.  We will also guide you through some basic questions and provide you with more information about our approach to therapy.  An appointment for a 50 minute initial consultation can be made with us by telephone or by email.


The four preliminary sessions that follow are diagnostic in nature.  This means the comprehensive detailing of information regarding your personal perceptions, your symptoms, your biography as well what you would like to achieve through therapy.  The result of the preliminary sessions is a diagnosis and a treatment plan individually tailored for you.


During therapy we work together on the realisation of your goals. Bascially, this involves recognising non-helpful behaviours, patterns of thinking and feelings, identifying helpful alternatives and learning to integrate these positive behaviours into your daily life.  This we achieve through behavioural therapy, which when necessary can be extended to include the practice of Schema-Focused Cognitive Therapy or Mindfulness.


We are a private practise and are not affiliated to the public health system. There are a number of billing options.


Generally, the costs of psychotherapeutic treatment are reimbursed under the private health insurance companies or under the so called ‘Beihilfe-scheme’ (Health care for civil servants).
Please request the information from your health insurance company in advance about the extent to which they reimburse the costs of psychotherapy as this varies among the health insurance companies. It is also advisable to inform yourself about the correct paperwork you may be required to fill out by your insurance company or any formalities that you have to observe / formal application requirements when availing of treatment.


Many public health insurance companies offer their customers a cost-reimbursement scheme.  Entitlement to such a cost-reimbursement is based upon there being no therapy place available to you within a reasonable period of time in your area and with a public health system affiliated behavioural therapist.  We are pleased to advise you about the regulations and procedure of the cost-reimbursement scheme.

More detailed information regarding the cost-reimbursement scheme is available to you at Brochure reimbursement
Brochure Paths to Psychotherapy


You may of course avail of therapy as a self-paying client. In this case, we issue you with a private invoice where the billing rates are set out according to the fixed scale of charges defined in the GOP (Gebührenordung für Psychotherapeuten), currently set at 153,02 Euro.

Therapy Sessions in foreign languages:

The fee for therapy sessions in foreign languages are set according to the fixed scale of charges of the GOP (Gebührenordnung für Psychotherapy) currently set at 153,02 Euro.


We try to make our services as transparent as possible for you. Please find an overview on our individual services as well as corresponding timeframes here:


The initial consultation incurs a fee which is generally covered by private health insurance companies or the ‘Beihilfe-scheme’.  Public health insurance companies, however, cover the cost only if they have already approved the treatment.  We kindly ask you to understand that we issue a private invoice when the initial consultation is not reimbursed by the health insurance company in question.


Behavioural therapy can be a short term treatment comprising of 25 sessions or a long term treatment comprising of 45 sessions.  The number of sessions for both treatment terms can be extended in individual cases.
Therapy sessions last 50 minutes are typically scheduled once per week.  The fee for the therapy sessions are set according to fixed scale of charges of the GOP (Gebührenordnung für Psychotherapy).


Coaching is a service that is not reimbursed by health insurance companies.  A 60 minute one on one session is charged at 150 Euro.  The number of coaching sessions varies between 1 and 10 sessions.


The costs for couples counselling sessions are not covered by private or public health insurance companies.  A session lasts 75 minutes and takes place, as a rule, with both partners. Our remuneration for one session is 200 Euro.


To avoid a no show fee, appointments must be cancelled 48 hours prior to the scheduled appointment.  The exceptions are appointments for Mondays, which must be cancelled on the previous Friday before 12 noon.  We kindly ask for your understanding that missed appointments or appointments for which the cancellation has been received too late as well as appointments that are no longer possible due to lateness will be billed by private invoice in the amount of 80 Euro.

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Life Crises 

Anxiety and Compulsive Disorders

Adjustment Disorder

Relationship Difficulties

Career Crises

Burn Out


Eating Disorders

Family Problems

Psychosomatic Complaints








We are graduate psychologists with advanced training as psychological psychotherapists in behavourial therapy and licensed by the state. In addition to an established qualification in behavioural therapy we possess a broad spectrum of professional and personal experience, that in our opinion, are valuable in enabling us to understand the world of our clients.



(M.A. Psychology)
Psychological Psychotherapist
Behavioural Therapy

Curriculum Vitae and Memberships





(M.A. Psychology)
Psychological Psychotherapist
Behavioural Therapy

Curriculum Vitae and Memberships





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To arrange an appointment you can contact us by email or by telephone. Please leave a message stating your name and your telephone number and we will contact you within the next two workdays.

Parking Availability

Our practice is centrally located in Frankfurt city centre/downtown Frankfurt.


Parkgarage Dom Römer, Domstrasse 1 (approx. 5 mins on foot),
Parkhaus Hauptwache, Kornmarkt 10 (approx. 5 mins on foot) oder
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Public Transport

You can reach us using the U-Bahn Lines U4 and U5 to the station Dom/Römer (approx. 5 mins on foot), with all S-Bahn Trains from Hauptwache (approx. 5 mins on foot) or with the tram lines 11 and 12 from the station Römer/Paulskirche (approx. 3 mins on foot).